How to Remove Candle Wax from Carpet

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A wax spill on carpet can be tough to get out if you don’t know about this simple trick! Here’s what you need! 1. Damp White Towel 2. An Iron on High Heat Here’s how to do it! Step 1: Lay the damp towel on top of candle wax. Step 2: Carefully iron the towel without touching the carpet. (The … Read More

How to Treat a Red Wine Stain on Carpet

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Many of our customers call us just for red wine spilt on carpet. Let us save you some money and tell you our secret! If a red wine stain occurs on your carpet the trick is to act FAST! There are only 4 ingredients you will need to correct this issue: 1. A bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide 2. Water to … Read More