How to Remove Candle Wax from Carpet

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A wax spill on carpet can be tough to get out if you don’t know about this simple trick!


Here’s what you need!
1. Damp White Towel
2. An Iron on High Heat

Here’s how to do it!
Step 1: Lay the damp towel on top of candle wax.
Step 2: Carefully iron the towel without touching the carpet. (The iron will melt the fibers in the carpet if it directly touches the carpet!!)
Step 3: The Wax will then slowly heat up and stick to the towel
Step 4: Make sure to use clean portions of the towel over the wax. Do not reuse sections of the towel that have already removed wax. Repeat until wax is gone.
Step 5: Vacuum Area.
Step 6: Throw away white towel.

Easy Breezy!

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